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RUBY TOPAZ Videos spanning 1985-present. Including Live at The Living Room 1985 to 1987, 1999 Documentary, Live at AS220, and much more

KERRANG! review of Ruby Topaz Why/The Sack


Exhibiting an interesting blend of pop, rock, glam, metal, blues and fusion, the music of Ruby Topaz was once described by a critic as 'subtly savage melodic metal.' The band's music varies so much that it is difficult to tack a label on their style. Their influences run the gamut from The Beatles, The Monkees, and Hermans Hermits to Queen, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Alice Cooper, David Bowie, Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck, and The Mahavishnu Orchestra.
The name came about when, during a band name change, someone asked Mark what his birthstone was. He replied: “Topaz”. They went through a bunch of other birthstones to see what would pair well. When someone suggested Ruby, Mark said: “ooohh. Ruby Alice Cooper, except more glamorous”.  After a while, like The Alice Cooper Band, people started calling Mark “Ruby Topaz”, like they began calling Vincent Furnier “Alice Cooper”. Mark Bram, and his alter ego/band Ruby Topaz have a long and colorful history on the Rhode Island music scene. In the 80’s, the Ruby Topaz single Why/ The Sack had some international success, and was played on the radio in England, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Belgium. They played their progressive brand of glam rock in Rhode Island as well as CBGB’s , Gildersleeves, and L’Amour’s in New York. Mark cowrote ‘A Piece of Our Hearts’ with Al Gomes of BIGNOISE RECORDS for Rhode Island Bandwagon, a project to feed the homeless in Rhode Island. Mark has produced five CDs, available on this website. In addition to recording and performing, Mark is a Grandmaster of the Lee Wah Yook Qi Quan system of internal Chinese martial arts, and teaches Yeung style Taijiquan in Providence, Rhode Island

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