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Mark's Customized Guitars

Mark's Customized Parker Fly GuitarsMark's Gear


Mark had been coveting a Parker Fly guitar for years, so when our local Wurlitzer store had a going out of  business sale he grabbed one, and liked it so much he had to buy another. They've both been customized (by Pat DiBurro at DiBurro Guitars) with Roland GK-2A midi pickups, which are installed with the controls inside the guitars, so as not to ruin the aesthetic beauty of the Parker Flys. The pickups run his Roland GR-30 guitar synthesizer ( the synthesizer is featured in his new album "Soundtrack of Life: Crystal Pick II"). The Parker Flys will be featured in upcoming projects. Check out the MP3s above or Real Player clips below to sample their distinctive sound.

Mark also owns a Parker P-36 Tele Style guitar with Chris Kinman 60s Tele pickups in them (He had nitro cellulose sprayed on the back of the neck by Rick LeGault for a vintage feel) and a Parker PM20 Les Paul style guitar with a mahogany body and a figured Bubinga top with Virtual PAF pickups. You can view these along with some of Mark's other guitars on the Mark's Gear page.

Real Player Clips

Crimson Clockwork

Clock1   Dreamy1  
Clock2   Dreamy2  
Fly Jam 1      
Fly Jam1      
Fly Jam2   Fly Jam3  
Fly Jam4   Fly Jam5  
Fly Jam6   Fly Jam7  


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